Cloud feedback provides proof

Renewable energy certificateUsing cloud feedback, almost any system can be monitored so that the owner of the system can prove that it performed as expected. This is often a major benefit of cloud feedback.  Here are a few examples:

  • Fat Spaniel Technologies monitors renewable energy sources and records how much power they produce. These records are reported every month or quarter as proof to a government or utility that a certain amount of renewable energy was produced, and therefore that renewable subsidies have been earned.
  • Green Road monitors the driving habits of bus drivers. The bus company can take these records to its insurance company to show that it has a safety plan in place, and that its drivers are meeting a standard. As a result, the insurance company may offer lower rates.
  • Demand response devices such as those from Regen Energy also provide useful records. The purpose of a demand response system is to cut demand during the critical hours when a utility has a hard time supplying all of its customers. The detailed minute-by-minute records kept by a service like Regen can prove that demand was cut during the critical times and that a customer merits a payment from the utility.
  • Water management systems can monitor pollution and verify that discharged water has met water quality standards.  The records can also show when and how much pollution occurred, to enable authorities to prosecute those who violate the rules.

There are many other possibilities. For example, a monitor of chemical levels may be required in a drug plant, or even a swimming pool, to prove that safety margins were maintained.  A refrigeration monitor could prove that food or wine had been handled properly.  Tracking devices on  a vehicle can show where it was used, or worn by a convict to show where that person has traveled and whether parole has been broken. We can expect industries and activities that have legal compliance requirements to provide new markets for cloud feedback.

In addition, the need for proof may provide long-term business advantages to cloud feedback companies.  As a third party, records from a cloud feedback provider may be considered more trustworthy than records made and held by the customer.  Furthermore, once a cloud feedback company has a track record of fulfilling compliance requirements, it will have a significant advantage over new entrants to its market.  New customers will value the assurance of past compliance performance, and may be less willing to take a risk on an unproven new cloud feedback service.

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