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“Cloud feedback” computer applications use sensors to send real-time data to cloud computing services. They provide users feedback about processes that were previously unmeasured and uncontrolled. The payoff comes in greater energy and water efficiency, less pollution, and higher levels of cooperation and productivity. You will find examples and system architecture here.

Many posts are examples of services or companies doing cloud feedback, and others are speculations about directions it could take. A few articles supply basic concepts, including:

Articles will be tagged with the major topics of the site. These are the topics planned so far:

  • actuators
  • analytics
  • cloud computing
  • companies
  • energy efficiency
  • homebrew
  • renewable energy
  • sensors
  • smart grid
  • software
  • sustainability
  • system architecture
  • transportation
  • water management
  • wireless
  • zigbee

And, um, the site needs a real logo.  My face will not do for very long…  I’m thinking about trying Crowdspring, but I’ll also take any free contributions :)

If you have examples of cloud feedback or any ideas on the subject, please contact me. Thanks.

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  1. antonio - February 18, 2010

    Interesting new interest. We will have to talk about it when next I see you.

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